A breath of fresh air

On the outskirts of Doha city, as the traffic thins out and the air clears up, you’ll come upon a cluster of green in the middle of the arid, desert – Al Sulaiteen Industrial Complex (SAIC).

SAIC is the leading landscaping & agriculture company in Qatar with operations ranging from turnkey landscaping projects to supply of flowers and fresh fruits & vegetables to the local market.

With humble beginnings in 1998 as a small farm producing fruits & vegetables in a traditional open field, the company grew quickly through a series of bold initiatives to incorporate landscaping services and flower cultivation & horticulture into its operations.

As of 2009, the employee strength stands at over 400 personnel from 12 countries – a diverse team of talented, trained and dedicated individuals who work together towards the common goal of providing top notch products and services to clients. The extensive client list includes large government organizations and some of the most respectable private companies in the country.

But this is just the beginning. We’re forever striving to uncover the next piece of the jigsaw. We’re passionate about what we do and we’re constantly experimenting, constantly modernizing the company’s operations, constantly trying out new ideas and technologies that we think might work in Qatar – all in an effort to supply the local market with as much agricultural produce that we can possibly grow on the farm and to provide cutting-edge landscaping services.